Simon School of Business

The prestigious University of Rochester’s school of business (Simon school of business) has launched a program in which you can win a scholarship by winning an online game. This means that this school gives scholarships for their executive MBA to applicants who win and excel at a game which can be played online and which simulates running a business. You can win a full-time or a part-time scholarship depending on which program you sign in to.

In fact, during the year of launching this amazing way to pay for your studies, about ten applicants won something about $350.000 USD worth in school payment. This year, the contest starts in February and the idea is to give out as much as $550.000 to participants who demonstrate they have the correct skills and aptitudes to run a business.

The game is called the “Simon’s games” and it claims to be something like the hunger games without the violent part. The participants get $10 million dollars in capital and they have to run a technology and computer business. Thus, they get to decide where to open branches for the company, were to establish factories, which audience they will be targeting, how to merchandise products and everything related to a business. 

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